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    Archer Swift’s fifth novel, A Star in the Crescent, reflects the recent past. It continues the theme of developments in the Islamic world and its relations with the West. Recurring efforts to revive the Caliphate are only exceeded by the greed and lust for power of small ruling cliques in the Middle East, at once aided and, at times, hindered by western interests. 

    Archer Swift was born in London, England and educated at a British boarding school for boys. He later became a US citizen. A past owner of a group of weekly newspapers on America’s East Coast, his career also ranged from mining and finance, government service, to banking, and cable television.  

    His first novel, Bigpox, (2004)  emerged in response to the shocking events of  September 11, 2001 in USA. It presented a "what if", in the event that an incurable virus was let loose on American soil. 

    His second novel, The Joy of Frustratia (2013), satirizes a certain monarchy and the culture around it. The story pivots on the fate of a certain boys boarding school, an institution designed to perpetuate generations of servants of the state. The school on which the story was based was recently  closed by government school inspectors.

    Tiny Tom's Talks with Dear Old God (DOG) (2017) captures colorful questions by a small boy directed to the Almighty about the True Meaning of Life. Dog's answers present many surprises.

    Hail to the Chief (2020) is an international thriller that takes place in the USA, Europe and Latin America. A young couple is caught up in an extremist conspiracy to subvert western governments and which almost succeeds.

    A Star in the Crescent (2021) is the sequel to Hail. The story takes the main character, Adam Tinker,  from the USA to the Middle East on a series of risky missions, one of which is nearly fatal.

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    A Star in the Crescent

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    Hail to the Chief

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    Tiny Tom's Talks with Dear Old God

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    The Joy of Frustratia

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